Warm photos and pride are shared by parents as they watch their older brother and infant sleep peacefully.

It was the seventh day of his life that we captured the first photo of tiny Ari for his regular newborn photography. Trying to keep awake, I cuddled the baby and took parent-sibling pictures while the baby was sweetly sleeping right in my arms. For the next couple of minutes, we scrolled through those specific photos after which, Ari didn’t even look at them with just a blink of an eye! Shaya, the two months old brother was so happy to be there and to get as close as possible to his baby brother.

Specifically, we applied baby minor hair strand along with neutral color scheme.

Grandma was pulling the strings next to me, but for her the perfect picture on the film goes without her in it. The baby princess Ari was even courageous enough to waive off her lunch time, where she posed for the photographer in these countless different angles!

For the sake of providing all babies with artistic personalization necessary, I would limit the number of all soon-to-be born infants photographed to one, two or three per month (depending on my schedule), therefore be advised to book your session in your second trimester, otherwise there are high chances of being left without having your baby’s big moment captured.

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