Triumph of Separated Conjoined Twins: Thriving After Care and Mother-Child Bond

In a remarkable turn of events, Abigail and Micaela Bachineskiy, the twin sisters who were once conjoined at their heads, have undergone a groundbreaking surgery at UC Davis Children’s Hospital in Sacramento, marking a historic milestone in medical history. Their mother, Liliya Miroshnik, expressed her profound gratitude to God and the medical team at UC Davis for making the seemingly impossible separation a reality. The nine-month-old sisters, born with a rare condition known as craniopagus twins, are now in recovery, surrounded by the love and support of their parents, Liliya and Anatoliy Bachineskiy.

Dr. Michael Edwards, the lead pediatric neurosurgeon at UC Davis, hailed the surgery as a landmark achievement for the hospital. He emphasized that the successful outcome was the result of a collaborative effort by an exceptional team dedicated to ensuring the twins have the best chance at a healthy future. Liliya Miroshnik echoed Dr. Edwards’ sentiments, stating that everything went smoothly, thanks to the divine intervention and the expertise of the medical professionals.

The journey leading up to the surgery was fraught with challenges and uncertainties for Liliya, who already had three boys. However, with unwavering faith and the unwavering support of her husband, she found the strength to face the daunting prospect of separating her daughters. Despite the initial shock and disbelief, Liliya remained resilient, finding solace in her husband’s comforting words and the assurance that they would overcome this trial together.

Referral to the UC Davis Fetal Care and Treatment Center provided Liliya with the comprehensive prenatal care and support she needed to prepare for the arrival of her daughters. Throughout this journey, she received invaluable guidance and information about her daughters’ condition, empowering her to navigate the challenges ahead with confidence and determination.

As Liliya reflects on her experience, she acknowledges the emotional toll it took on her but remains hopeful for the future. Her unwavering love for her children and the unwavering support of her family sustain her as she embraces the journey ahead, knowing that they will emerge stronger together.

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