Through a photographer’s lens, embracing the sublime beauty: everyday moments of a mother nursing her baby while radiating love and warmth

Photographer Erin White set out to question social conventions surrounding breastfeeding with the help of a group of brave nursing moms. They sought to remove the stigma attached to postpartum bodies and normalize nursing, drawing inspiration from Stephanie Karr Studios. White started this project in Kaiserslautern, Germany, after being asked to take a group shot of nurses by the local breastfeeding community. Mothers used the picture shoot as a forum to discuss their individual experiences with breastfeeding, body image, and loss.

The project, named “Women in the Wild,” started off with the moms of Kaiserslautern but eventually included 51 women from all over the world. Erin White photographed the mothers and integrated their tales with the pictures, with help from Liliana Taboas and Megan Flanagan. Mothers all over the world sent in a deluge of heartfelt emails and comments in response to the project, receiving an unbelievable amount of support.

According to White, the project tackles a variety of related concerns that moms confront, such as body image and how society views their feeding choices, in addition to showing breastfeeding in public.

Mothers were encouraged to wear whatever made them feel comfortable for the photos; several of them opted to wear nothing but their underpants. According to White, this choice promotes relatability by enabling women worldwide to view a wide range of authentic-looking people of different shapes, sizes, and ages. The project intends to address two interrelated issues that new moms deal with: body dissatisfaction and the public’s judgment of their feeding decisions.

Studies indicate a connection between body dissatisfaction and a higher chance of depressive symptoms and a lower chance of breastfeeding. The visual story “Women in the Wild” aims to uplift and connect with mothers everywhere while dispelling myths and building a caring community.

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