The word ‘LOVE’ is beautifully depicted by a newborn’s umbilical cord, bringing joy and astonishment to people.

‘LOVE’ is written in a baby’s umbilical cord in a picture that went viral.

How do you write L-O-V-E? The beautiful baby’s umbilical cord is still connected to the child and placenta in this picture, which spells “love.”

This picture, titled “Welcome earthside, sweet little Harper,” has a strong visual effect.

After Emma Jean Photography put it on their Facebook page on January 2, it quickly went viral. People shared and commented on it thousands of times.

Emma Jean Nolan, a former nurse in the UK who is now a photographer, is bringing attention to an old Maori custom by burying the placenta with the help of baby Harper.

The Maoris, who are native to New Zealand, bury the placenta after the baby is born to show respect for the earth, which feeds them just like the organ does. She writes on Facebook, “Being a Maori baby, his placenta will now be given back to the land.” ‘Whenua’ refers to both the womb and the land. After giving birth, the placenta and umbilical cord are returned to the land. The umbilical cord is the link between the baby and Papatuanuku, or mother earth. As soon as this connection is made, each person takes on the lifelong job of caring for Papatuanuku (mother earth).

For a long time, Nolan had been waiting for a baby with an umbilical cord that was long enough to take this picture. As it turned out, Harper’s chord was just right for the word “love.”

I thought it was so beautiful, Andrea Rangel. With my last baby, I finally got to see one. This is really cool. “Just lovely.”

Amanda Jasonowicz said, “What a stunning picture! I buried my son’s placenta. It’s a nice way to honour the start of life and give back to the land that gives you life.

“I wish we could do this in hospitals,” Tepara Koti said. It’s too bad I can’t have the birth at home, but I’m going to ask my midwife if we can try anyway. Thanks for sharing!!

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