The trendy hairstyles that moms give their kids are praised by everyone for being creative. ‎

As a parent, it can be hard to find cute hairstyles for your little black girl. But Imebet Thompson, who is a mother of three and a professional hairdresser, knows a lot about this subject. There are some great tips and tricks from Imebet that will help your child’s hair look great without hurting its health.

Natural styles that are easy for all hair types

For all hair types, Imebet suggests simple natural styles. This is especially true for young girls with fine or very soft hair. Because these styles don’t need as much work, the hair can grow without losing its structure. Two-strand twists or cute cornrows in ponytails are some of the styles she suggests.

Imebet recommends safe styles like cornrows or twists without extensions for moms who are always on the go. You can go up to three weeks without going back to the salon for these styles. To add style to medium-length hair, you can use clips or beads. But Imebet says not to use beads on fine hair because the weight of the beads can break it.

Instead, ribbons can be used to make a style look cute. If you have thick, scratchy hair, Imebet says to only add extensions to the very end so that hair doesn’t get pulled out. She likes using kinky texture hair extensions because they are very light and look good with her own hair.

How to Choose Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

Imebet suggests that the hairdresser or braider who works with your child create a style that fits her face shape. For each of their face types, she changes the styles to fit. If you have a round or square face, she suggests a ponytail with cornrows and twists in the front that sweep to the side of your face. You could also wear your hair in the middle and twist it out to hide your high jaw bones. Side parts make long faces look like they are shorter. Imebet says that any haircut will look good on people with oval shapes.

Style Advice and Tricks

For little girls with short hair, Imebet suggests using kinky texture hair extensions to make their hair longer. She says to put cornrows in the hair near the ends instead of the top. She also says to use Knotless Box Braids, which are a weightless and easy way to add length to your braids. For fine hair, Imebet suggests Ribbons and hair extensions with a kinky structure. She also says to use detangling sprays like Aunt Jackie’s Knot On My Watch Instant Detangling Therapy or Mixed Chicks Kids Tangle Tamer Spray.

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