The Road to Recovery: Incredible Fortitude in the Face of a Rare Illness and Its Evident Sign

With no utmost respect, her little boy was called a “monster” by her.Well, she felt it was fine to treat him like such. It was in January last year, that Brooke and her boyfriend Kewene Sr, who was just 27-year-old at that time gave birth to Little King Stanley. In addition, he had a big stretch of stain that covered half of his face; these stains are called either port wine stains, and most of them are harmless. Nevertheless, the family was abruptly informed that their level of an unusual illness in their little child. Similarly, Sturge Weber Syndrome, which is a rare neurological condition that is associated with port wine stains in face and eyes, can be mentioned.

Glaucoma is an example of a disease that harms vision and may lead to blindness; however, epilepsy will cause different types of seizures or dysfunctions. Kingsley had one bad luck to have both of the infirmities. On May 31st of last year, his mother was forced to make a decision that was going to be difficult for her to perform. This was the decision of treating my skin by performing laser technique on that day.

Port wine stains are progressive, which means their character will change and they will become darker over time,” Brooke noted.When they reach this stage, they usually become uneven with their lumps elevating and ridges. Sometimes they will also develop vascular blebs; these areas have high risk of bleeding. The main problem is that the skin is too damaged and needs the laser treatment, which makes for a very tough removal of the stain. Australia Homeland for the given family – Queensland Children’s Hospital, dermatology and vascular department where the baby was brought to, upon delivery. It was with the one-to-one counseling that the first treatment was appointed and the main role of the laser for young King was emphasized.

As Brooke explains, it’s not an attempt to “remove” the birthmark, but generally a way of maintaining the skin’s health and does not allow additional damage. While Pulsed Dye Laser is the most efficacious treatment, finally Brooke’s choice to grant the procedure to Kingsley has provoked outrage from social media users. “I don’t think I can laser baby for anything,” said one. “Well that (birthmark) is not that much noticeable. What you are doing to him is dreadful, as it is more about you that him,”- explained the other comment.

The third one said, “Brainwashed mom pointing finger as early as a baby gains consciousness.” They also believed this should be her decision since she is his mother, thus, she should know what is right and wrong. The first time that the reviewers posted critical remarks, Brooke confessed that she cried by herself. She continued by saying that she blamed herself for the struggle of pregnancy because of mother guilt.

The cruel comments just kept on reverberating in her minds doing no good even as she knew full well that she was doing morally right. “It’s really encouraging that, all in all, there were 100 good comments for each negative one – and that helped so much!”“The past six months have been an extreme challenge for us, and reading the comments has made things even worse. If people had only been aware of the issues of beauty marks and knew that the operation wasn’t just for aesthetics or any kind of cosmetic purposes, they shouldn’ Although she looks a little bit worried about her son’s future hoping to see him successful, any of his goals are easier for him to reach.

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