The Pride of Motherhood: The story of a brave mother who sacrifices everything for her six-legged child, a symbol of patience and unconditional love. ‎

An event on April 13, no doubt and not easily to be forgotten has happened at the Sukkur Hospital in Pakistan. There was a child born with an infant’s abnormality, which amazed the whole planet. It was when Mr. Imran Sheikh, the baby’s biological dad confirmed he had congenital disorders that left him with six legs, and he was gotten into those emotions of disbelief, concern and worry.

The medical team and present society were stunned to see such a sudden phenomenon that was rare in the history of medical science of Pakistan. With the peace of mind brought by the medical staff, who assured them the infant boy was stable despite their initial disbelief, the family was more ready for the baby’s turnaround. Among others, the six-legged miracle made people more compassionate-even marveled- at the birth of the deformation.

During all this time, the medical staff was displayed their knowledge and determination by putting in place a comprehensive strategy to ensure the safety of the sick infant. They kept the strictest of care going so that they could ensure the kid had no exposure to any threat. My baby’s health dictated everything, and we persisted every battle to get him to see the light safely.

But months passed, a new worry knocked on the door of the mongers. Startlingly, the baby’s condition went on improving despite the medical team’s best efforts, but the family was powerless to afford the terrible surgery that could have removed the supernumerary legs. Mr. Imran Sheikh was indeed a worker with an eye for details, who received no more than 67 USD per month as his wages. He had been financially distressed till the time he could not even afford to get necessities from the medical center.

Though it had been a very challenging event, Halim Naeem, an Institute of Medical Engineering Islamabad’s Fatima Jinnah Medical College Professor, declared that it was something that had never happened in the history of Pakistan’s medicine. The nation showed sympathy and support by the six-legged baby, which ignited the wonder of the society thus making the support of the family their responsibility when the family was grieving.

Mr. Imran Sheikh was single-mined concerning his mission to enable his boy’s desirable future, despite severe obstacles. As the search for Someone who would help him started, he made calls and knocked on the door of the charity donors as well as the non-governmental organization staff. Row upon row of outstretched hands, people united as one showed their support to the family struggling through the most difficult time of their lives, offering to help in every way possible.

The warmth of the new family home soon started to show its effect through the positive changes in the boy’s emotional state. “This little soul” that had a kind of birth monstrosity, was the incarnation of an unfailing human stamina. His story kindled peoples’ hearts and a lot of compassionate actions of the citizens followed making the situation unattainable to remain as it was thereby facilitating change in people’s lives, an impact that can be compared to a cup of water that turns an offensive surface into a pleasing one.

A baby who is very special, only with six legs, went against the social norms, and in the midst of Pakistan, a country known for its vibrant history and fascinating culture, which paved the way for a community to be united in the middle. With the baby as its main character, this story became a constant source of inspiration and the evidence that humanity’s greatest strength is unity and the readiness to aid all people in need no matter where or when. I turned the fresh chapter of my life – the one with every page filled with care, love and the firm confidence that every life is a special gift not to be wasted on trifles but being cherished.

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