“The boy’s adoption journey serves as an inspiring testament to the compassion of a generous woman who offered bread and water to a hungry 2-year-old.”

The young Nigerian boy’s account of his adopted journey certainly attracts attention and is a prevailing example of sympathy and kindness of hence, people like Anja Ringgren Lovén, who made themselves accessible to a weak little boy. The boy known as the Hope has undergone abandonment and pang of shame due to the legends of witchcraft, however for the excavation money the charity has ensured him the care and treatment needed for life thrive.

Hope, unlike the other children at the orphanage, has gone from an emaciated and bedraggled child she was to a healthy young lady, teeming with talent due to the care and affection she has received. In the beginning, Hope had some problems with his health, education, and arts among others but he is now much more optimistic and enjoying good health, getting a good education and having a passion for arts. This gives one an impression of his resilience and potential.

Anja Ringgren Lovén’s commitment to serve the needs of those under privilege like orphaned and socially marginalized children demonstrates the prime necessity of dealing on with the social issues like poverty, illiteracy and myths. This can be achieved with education and advocacy. Human rights will become more valuable as more and more people change their attitude and give the right to existence anyone, regardless of the circumstances.

Hope’s story goes beyond being mostly that of a personal achievement, it is also a call for the society to ensure that each child on the streets get the care, protection and opportunities they deserve.

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