Tesla Cybertruck Was Added to the NHTSA Database With No Official Crash-Test Ratings

Much has been discussed on the Tesla Cybertruck safety, most of the talks being based on the videos and photographs of the electric pickup. Built using a new manufacturing process with a stainless steel exoskeleton, the Cybertruck should withstand a crash like a tank. Intriguingly, this is also one of the reasons for concern. Tanks are great when they hit lighter vehicles, but when hitting a wall that is strong enough, the occupants will suffer.

When Tesla teased the Cybertruck crash tests on April 1, it didn’t reveal the outcome. It was a good April joke, with people not getting tired of playing the videos in a loop. With the Cybertruck Delivery Day past us, we finally got to see the crash test videos until the end, and the images prompted a persistent question: how safe really is the Cybertruck, considering there’s almost no crumple zone?

Indeed, the Cybertruck remained almost intact after it hit the barrier, and so it happened during other tests. Most cars are designed with a deformable zone to absorb the energy of the impact. If the car’s body is too rigid, the energy is instead passed to other parts of the vehicle and onto its occupants. The higher the crumple zone and the heavier the vehicle, the more protection its passengers get. The Cybertruck appears to only score points in the weight department.

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