Surprise: These dads shouldn’t babysit when mom isn’t around. ‎

Parents have forever extolled fathers for their distinctive techniques of upbringing children; often the terms “clumsy” or “funny but fair” were used for the ways they grew children.

Although the manner of child rearing adopted by these parents appears to be unique and unlike many cultures, it will definitely help them and their children remain closely connected thus they will get to have a lifetime of memories.

As dads grow comfortable in their new roles, the dads’ initial awkwardness evolved in this way; the dads had gained an improvisational ability, which enabled them to provide unusual resolutions to typical parenting dilemmas.

What had we truly come for? By somehow transforming the father’s hair brushing process into hair shaping and the diaper removing a superhero costume, I’m encouraging the child to have fun.

Parenting being funny and imaginative is not the only benefit but it is one of the key importance dads contribute to their children’s development. Seeing guys laughing in the face of their dads, although they have lost, shows up their sons what significance is tied to the capability to give up and pick up themselves after failure.

Finally, the incidents only resulted in making the tying between the father and child tighter and formed the ground for the future contents of lightness and belief.

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