Seeing beauty beyond what society thinks is beautiful: my unwavering love and pride for my “unique” child

It’s fine at all. And you don’t need to tell anyone else. If it’s not your child, the parents should never know. Because babies have eyes, you can tell when they aren’t as beautiful as they should be.

When my first child was born, he was very sick. He had a full head of golden straw-colored hair and was “perfectly cooked.” He was tasty and perfect. Because babies have eyes, you can tell when they aren’t as beautiful as they should be.

After that, my second child was born. He really did look like a crab with claws. His head was shaped like a cone, his ears were pulled back, and he looked very tired. He looked like he had been drinking a lot because he was red and browed. I can see it, he was a jerk; my kid was really a jerk!It doesn’t change the fact that I admired him in any way. Birth is very hard for babies. The problem is that most babies look like old men or stuffed rabbits. or cabbage for the conscious… like a monkey…

It usually takes a lot of time for them to go from looking like skinny little monsters to cute, shiny little buttons. You might compare our hopes for a newborn baby to those in Hollywood.

His father used to be our CFO. Now, he’s really stupid. In the past… Midwives would supposedly walk by and say, “Oh, you had a boy…” *crickets*

I don’t know this mean kid, but he looks like he’s been drinking a lot tonight… He doesn’t hear anything…

This baby’s name is Benjamin Button, and he looks like he’s getting ready for bed on a golf course.

The baby’s name is Cheryl, and she likes to yell at the kids next door whenever the ball goes over the fence.

If looks could lie, this child’s mother would be dead.

It looks like this baby lives in a hoeing commission nit. He only wants to watch Dr. Phil by himself after the kids next door slowed him down the other day.

This little kid has seen stuff.

In fact, some babies are not cute. My child was hideous. Still, most people get over it, and even if they don’t, it’s just good for building character.

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