Remember that amazing first time you met your newborn? Treasured Times Spent by a New Mother with Her Infant.

Getting beautiful newborn images of your kid in the first 24 hours of their existence is important, whether you want to share them on social media, create a photo album, or are traditional and like to send out birth announcements. After a while, especially when they’re a preschooler and wanting their fifteenth snack in an hour, you’ll forget how small those hands and toes were. You will undoubtedly want to revisit these pictures to reminisce about how you felt, how your partner and the grandparents felt, and how your kid appeared. It’s likely that you’ll cry a little too.

The practice of taking birth photos is becoming more and more common, and some hospitals even provide in-house photographers to capture your special moment (for a price, of course). Depending on your comfort level and what you want to share and see, some people are employing their own baby and even birth photographers to capture every moment—and occasionally every graphic detail. It is really wonderful to have a birth photographer or newborn photographer on the day you give birth to your baby, regardless of whether you give birth at home, in a hospital, or in a birthing center.

Even if we may forget the agony of giving birth, we will never forget the feelings we had when we held our newborns for the first time, saw our spouse hold the child for the first time, or saw the grandparents cuddle the child—especially if those moments are documented in pictures.

Mother’s and Partner’s First Impressions of the Baby: This expression conveys total bliss, exhilaration, affection, and occasionally, a hint of astonishment and dread. This picture is really precious. Of course, this picture is vitally important. This baby has grown up inside of you for nine months. To ensure their safe exit, you put forth the effort. You are officially a mother now. You’ll want to keep every aspect of this instant in mind.

Wrinkly Baby Toes: My goodness, I miss my son’s small toes and wrinkly baby feet. His foot is now the size of a preschooler, and I’m so happy I have pictures of his adorable, non-stinky newborn feet to reflect back on when I’m having a bad day.

First Time a Baby Was Swaddled: This adorable picture. When you’re trying to figure out how in the world to wrap them like a burrito in that small blanket with pink and blue footprints, you could also use it as a teaching tool. However, there’s simply nothing nicer and sweeter than a baby burrito.

Taking a picture of the clock in the room at the time of birth is a wonderful idea that not many people do. It’s strange to realize that this was the precise minute your child was born and breathed their first air. And if you’re interested in astrology, it can be crucial to study their birth chart at some point.

Picture of Belly with Clamped Umbilical Cord: This is a cute newborn picture to snap for people who don’t feel grossed out. The cord served as a vital connection between you and your child, allowing you to nourish them and support their growth.

Baby’s Weight and Being Weighed: This adorable photo will be treasured when your kindergartener hits 50 pounds, and the information is useful to have on hand for that first visit with the pediatrician.

Mom’s and Baby’s parents: The first time grandparents hold their grandchild is a unique occasion. It will undoubtedly evoke recollections of your early years. In the picture, they’ll be grinning and possibly even shedding happy tears. It creates wonderful memories to reflect on.

This baby picture featuring its siblings has the potential to be the cutest ever. Children’s reactions and facial expressions when they meet their new sibling will be precious because they will be so excited. When they’re all older, they’ll love to remember this (unless you’re like my husband and his brother). My husband was four years old when his brother was born, and he asked his father if we could bring him back to the store.

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