Preserve Precious Beginnings: Elegant Newborn Photography for Your Birth Journal.

Birth photography captures the profoundly intimate and transformative journey of childbirth. It’s a choice deeply rooted in the desire to immortalize the raw emotions and pivotal moments of bringing new life into the world. This genre of photography delicately narrates the anticipation, the intense labor, the overwhelming joy, and the immediate bond within the birthing environment, celebrating the miracle of life and the expansion of families.

The 2017 International Association of Professional Birth Photographers contest showcased captivating images that beautifully depict the laborious yet rewarding journey of childbirth. These award-winning photos offer a window into the profound experiences of mothers and the indescribable emotions of new parents witnessing the birth of their children.

Highlighted entries include:

  • “That First Gaze” capturing the unparalleled moment of initial eye contact.
  • “Peanuts and Parents Falling In Love All Over Again,” a testament to rekindled bonds.
  • “Are You My Mama?” by Jennifer Mason Photography, showcasing the curiosity and wonder of new life.
  • “Best In Category: Delivery, With A Splash” by Elizabeth Farnsworth Photography, illustrating the raw power and beauty of birth.

These images not only celebrate the miracle of birth but also the artistry and empathy of photographers who document these life-changing moments.

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