Pregnant Girl During Study Now She Is Mother Of Baby Girl In University

Maddie Lambert: “At 13, I got pregnant.” I had no idea getting pregnant could be so easy.”

Maddie Lambert, a young mother, tells her story of being pregnant at age 13.

Maddie of Fort Worth, Texas, was the victim of court action from people who doubted her ability to parent if she was only too young for giving birth at age 13. Maddie has created a YouTube channel for other girls to share her personal experiences and challenges through which she highlights the positive aspects of life. While every topic is up for discussion, Charlie always has a knack for telling people what it feels like to be a teen mom, especially when her ex, Everly’s dad, is mentioned.

The pair has experienced highs and lows, and they are not always sincere in their interactions. Up to this point. We see teenagers reflect on their past and have heart-to-heart conversations, information they’ve never shared before.

Maddie Lambert’s fulfillment Isaac Frasto was the man Maddie looked up to. They had been together for about two months, and had made many plans for the future. Their relationship progressed quickly, and it seemed that they were already planning their lives. She thought they were a couple. So she was eager to take some big life decisions with him. If we continued our relationship for a while, then, of course, we broke up. They were so young and never grew up, they were full of emotions. She had skipped her periods ɴᴡᴇᴀṛː Feeling awful after the breakup. But she was really busy worshiping him and left her behind.

As her health worsened, she went to the doctor. Some tests were done by the doctors. When the test results were released, she was just 14 years old and already 12 weeks pregnant. Without Isaac present, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Everly. She is currently only friends with Isaac, and they both do their best to love and support Everly. He frequently appears in Maddie’s videos on YouTube.

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