Nearly Everything Appears Unconventional: The Inspirational Story of a Boy’s Remarkable Ability to Walk on His Hands.

For years, residents of Bù Dạch village in Quảng Tiến commune, Dak R’Lap district, Dak Nong province, have been accustomed to seeing young Dieu Khuy Nich walking to school on his hands. My greatest dream is to have a pair of prosthetic legs. ‘God didn’t give you legs, you should learn to walk with your hands’

According to Dan Tri newspaper, little Dieu Khuy Nich is the fifth child of Ms. Xuan (M’Nong ethnic group) and her late husband. When Ms. Xuan was pregnant with Nich, the doctor detected abnormalities when the fetus was only 6 months old.

Unwilling to give up their child, Ms. Xuan and her husband still kept the fetus. “The day Nich was born, my husband and I were stunned, not believing our eyes. The other children were all fully formed, but my child was as small as a lump of flesh and lacked legs. The couple could only hug their faces and cry because they felt sorry for their child who would soon suffer misfortune,” Ms. Xuan recounted.

Initially, villagers believed that Nich’s misfortune was a punishment from God to Xuan’s family. However, overcoming adversity and physical defects, Nich greeted them with an optimistic attitude. And from then on, the villagers’ perception of him gradually changed. Ms. Xuan sadly recounted: “When I was over 3 years old, I could only roll over but couldn’t walk. If I wanted to go anywhere, my parents had to carry me. Suddenly one day, he asked me why he didn’t have legs like other people. I just held my child in my arms and told him, God didn’t give you legs, you should learn to walk with your hands.”

Right after that, Nich learned to walk right on the bed he was lying on. Every time he falls, the boy stands up on his own without the help of others. Half a year later, the miracle happened, Nich took the first steps, when his hands began to bleed.

The boy’s journey to school goes by hand, Dieu Khuy Nich.
Because that way of walking causes the body’s weight to fall on his weak hands, Nich’s arms are now deformed. In particular, because he often tripped over pieces of porcelain and stones, his hands were covered with scars. Even though his parents let him wear slippers many times, he only wore them once or twice before Nich took them off because it was inconvenient.

Little Nich confided that he once wished he had a prosthetic leg so he could run and jump with his friends. But unexpected events occurred, and the dream had not yet been fulfilled when Nich’s father fell seriously ill, and the whole family had to sell the cashew garden to get money for treatment. The money saved to buy a prosthetic leg for Nich had to be used in the hope of saving the life of Nich’s father, Dieu Pot.

However, Nich’s father passed away on the 4th day of Lunar New Year last year. Looking at her husband’s photo, Ms. Xuan said: “His father was bedridden for 6 months. The money from selling the cashew garden was only 60 million, so it wasn’t enough for treatment. Now that his father has passed away, I don’t know if I will still be alive to buy him prosthetic legs when he becomes an adult.

Ms. Doan Thi Giang, Nich’s homeroom teacher, said that last school year, although his father’s passing was a major event, Nich still successfully completed the study program with excellent results. Nich’s optimism and bright smile not only touched and admired his friends but also the teachers at school. Nearly ten years ago, Lau A Sang was mentioned in the press when every day he crossed the hills and mountains to school by hand (screenshot from Dan Viet newspaper).
According to Dan Viet newspaper, Sang’s hometown is in Pa Khe I sub-area, Moc Chau Farm town, Moc Chau, Son La. Deformed since childhood, Sang’s feet kept hanging down, so he had to learn to walk with his hands. Longing for an education but his poor family had no money to buy a wheelchair, so for 5 years of elementary school, every day, Sang used his arms instead of his legs to cross the hilly roads to get to school. When he reached middle school, his house was too far from school, so his parents took him to pick him up. At high school, Sang was picked up by the teachers of Huu Nghi School 80 in Son Tay (Hanoi). After finishing high school, Sang wanted to study Information Technology at Kinh Bac University in Bac Ninh, so he was accepted here. After many efforts, Sang has now become a final-year university student, majoring in information technology. She no longer has to go to school with her hands, but instead has a wheelchair by her side, making it easier for Sang to move around.

Hopefully, with his extraordinary efforts and help from the community

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