Mother Proudly Defies 2,000,000 to 1 Odds to Naturally Conceive Three Identical Triplets

A proud mother shared today how she defied odds of 2,000,000-1 to naturally conceive three identical triplet girls. Mum Melanie Thornton, aged 33, said: ‘Sometimes I just sit and stare at them and think wow… 1 in 2 million chance of me naturally conceiving identical triplets. But mostly I just think… WOW I love these little girls.’

Husband Martin, 27, persuaded Melanie to try for another child even though the couple already had a daughter Tia, 13. They found out on Valentine’s Day last year that Melanie was expecting – but were stunned when a 12-week hospital scan revealed triplets. The identical sisters were born by cesarean section more than seven weeks premature at Torbay Hospital on August 25.

Boe was first to arrive weighing 3lbs 3oz, Mika was born a minute later scaling 3lbs 1oz and little Hope came last at just 2lbs 13oz. Hope and Mika were born seven weeks premature at Torbay Hospital on August 25.

Melanie said: ‘I’d looked up pictures of premature babies before so I expected them to look a bit weird, but they weren’t – they were perfectly formed tiny little babies. It was amazing. My babies took up the whole room. It was so reassuring to see how perfect they were and they didn’t need any help or anything with breathing – just a little tube for food. They are such content and happy little babies. They love to cuddle. They put their arms around each other and love to hold hands. Their favorite way to be is with Mika in the middle, and she holds both their hands.

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