Mom of 12 Children Pregnant for 17 Years and Still Expecting!

Even though she uses 600 diapers a week, an eleven-year-old woman who has been pregnant for nearly ten years says she is anxious for more children.

Thirty-one-year-old Britni Church welcomed her first child, Oliver, Asher, and Abel, at the age of sixteen. Since then, she has welcomed 10 more children.

Britni and Chris met in 2014 and have five children togetherCredit: Mercury Press.

The 28-year-old full-time mother and her husband Chris spend over $300 a week on groceries, going through 600 diapers, 66 cartons of milk, and five boxes of cereal.

Britney acknowledges that she wants at least four more children, but only if her other children are amenable to the notion, despite the financial burden of raising a large family.

“I hope we continue to try for another girl. She remarked, “I never thought she would have 11 children, but I don’t think she would ever have more than 15.”

“I figured she would have at most four children.”

The melancholic mother came to love the constant companionship that a large family provided.

She remarked, “She feels normal; she doesn’t feel like she has many children.”

“I’d acknowledge that it’s too much if any of the kids told me they couldn’t have any more

Six days after turning sixteen, the dedicated mother of Arkansas City, Kansas, gave birth to her first kid, 15-year-old Crizman, with her ex-husband.

Jordan, 14, Caleb, 13, Jace, 12, and Cadence, 10, were the couple’s other four children together. They had been married for five days.

Following their 2010 breakup, Britni went through a carefree phase during which she partied on the weekends and unexpectedly became pregnant in 2012 with her sixth child, Jesalyn, who is currently eight years old.

Before she met her present husband, Chris, a subcontractor, in 2014, she raised her children alone for three years.

The couple’s first kid, five-year-old Silas, was born in the summer of 2015, just a year after they first met. In June of the same year, she gave birth to unexpected triplets Oliver, Asher, and Abel, who are one year old, and another son, Christopher, who is three years old.

Britni said, “I always wanted my children to have the same dad, so I was very ashamed to get pregnant for the sixth time.”

However, Jesalyn was incredibly beautiful, innocent, and priceless at birth. The shame instantly subsided.

She was flawless. She lost interest in what other people thought.

“Having a large family is great because there is always someone to talk to.”

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