Maternity at 14: My Path of Encouraging Life

Being a parent may be a huge challenge, especially if someone becomes a parent at a very young age. This was the situation for Maddie Lambert, who discovered at the age of 14 that she was going to become a mother.

Maddie chose to embrace parenting and actively share her journey on social media despite the challenges that were ahead. She begged to prove to young people her own age that being a great parent was achievable, even at a young age.

American video blogger Maddie has a vlog named “Forever.” For someone so young, her channel has almost 1.5 million subscribers, which is an incredible accomplishment. The 15-year-old candidly depicts the highs and lows of partaking in her daily life through her videos. Even while her content isn’t perfectly produced or polished, it nevertheless captures the reality of being a young mother.

It’s crucial to note that Maddie’s curriculum encourages teenagers to start dating at a young age. Instead, she wants to demonstrate to girls in comparable situations that they are not alone and that anything is possible. According to Maddie, pregnant women should be supported and not judged. “You do not have to support pregnant children, but you must support pregnant children,” she stated.

Maddie started experiencing symptoms she initially believed to be due to depression when she found out she was pregnant. Her first serious boyfriend crushed her heart, and she was afraid to become a mother. Still, Maddie knew deep inside that she had the strength to handle it. Maddie accepted motherhood and loved her tiny daughter wholeheartedly from the beginning, despite the challenges.

Fortunately for Maddie, her mother supported her throughout her pregnancy and the joys of motherhood. Upon learning that her 14-year-old daughter was expecting, Maddie’s mother comforted her, saying that they could manage the pregnancy together. “You will be fiÿe,” she informed Maddie. I enjoy children. We are able to handle it. You’re a hot girl. Don’t turn away and glance at the front. We are going to map it out.


Following a challenging pregnancy, Maddie gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl named Everly. A proud mother, Maddie expresses gratitude for her daughter’s presence in her life. Despite the difficulties of being a young mother, Maddie has demonstrated that anything is achievable with determination, love, and support.

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