Funny and cute things that kids do when they’re with their dad, as well as some tough times

We talk a lot about the bond and link between mother and child and how important it is for their mental health and social and emotional growth.

What about the father’s bond with the? From what researchers have found, it has an equal or even greater effect on the child’s future growth and the father’s involvement.

People think of pregnancy as the time before becoming a dad. A new study found that a father’s love and loyalty to his spouse and unborn child during this important time before becoming a father can have a big impact and set him on a path to becoming more involved with them in the years to come. The results of this study show that men who are involved in pregnancy tend to work harder and take on more parenting duties as their children get older. This hurts low-income dads more than it hurts other fathers.

Parents need to know that a child’s connection with their father has huge long-term effects on their social and emotional growth as well as their intelligence. We now know that a person’s early social situations have a big effect on their intelligence and language skills later on. Several studies have shown that the way dads interact with their kids is a better indicator of these results than the way moms interact with their kids.

The more time a baby’s dad spends with them, the better they do on preschool and grade school tests in reading, language, and math. Mamas who do other things while their daddies play with the baby often think that this is why dads give the baby their full attention. No matter what the reason is, the study is amazing and a great reason to keep dad as involved as possible in his child’s early care and interactions.

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