From Panic to Joy: The Heart-Stopping Story of Our Newborn’s Miraculous Arrival!

In the peaceful waiting before the birth of a new life, there are moments when the heart of a mother braces up, being afraid of unexpected turns that give rise to the flame of anxiety. And so our story starts right where such moment is, the turning point of the road to embracing that tiny bundle of happiness.

By the time the sun rose, signifying the beginning of a new day, torrents of haste had already surged. Contractions just happened, they caught us unaware. Having to rush to the hospital, our heads were spinning between the mix of excite and anxiety. For us, what seemed normal for a delivery turned into unexpected surprises.

The frantic chaos of work turned into gloomy thoughts as dark storm clouds across a clear sky. When our baby’s heart beat was throbbing, sending shock waves across the room instigating panic. The doctors and the nurses rushed about, their faces said, “Determination,” but their eyes let on a hint of worry. There and then, every second turned into an eternity, every breath seemed to be a fervent prayer for our little one’s life.

In the midst of this chaos, the medical crew proved to be our lifesaver, holding our steady hands. They were our actual gurus in our blackest moment of unknowing. And faithfully, they went on living on the razor edge between prudence and action. Their experienced hands doing everything to make sure that this woman should be okay, too.

With each second, a sliver of relief began to break through the blanket of vague uncertainty. Our little one, despite its obvious vulnerability and smaller size, proved to be alive and irrepressible. The crackling of his voice resonated in our ears as the melody for his fighting spirit. Each second, our fear diminished, while our hope and commitment were restored by the minute.

And when it came as if a ray of light burst through the thunderclouds after a storm was over, finally happened that some of us had been waiting for. Having done everything right our small wonder child made a dramatic entrance into this world to our great joy. Along with crying in expressions of joy, I started laughing at people around me, with eyes wide open admiring the beauty of the miracle which had just happened.

In the wise words of the song – “Those were the lows, those were the highs,” and these are the joys of the ride that has brought us to this moment that we reflect on, and we are filled with gratitude. Thanksgiving to the deft hands that steered us through the storm, appreciation to the unwavering vigilance of our relations and finally but also not the least, thanks to the sacred gift of the unborn. Our voyage astray was not devoid of its ups and down but deep inside our hearts we would travel this path again for it granted us the biggest gift to trust and love him/her for life.

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