Doctors were disgusted by the child. Discover what happened to him four years later!

Medical history is definitely filled with events, anecdotes and facts which, when heard, astonish and inspire, leading to a reaction that stays with listeners for a long time. In the same scenario, doctors might not be able to bear the sight of a child because it would make them feel nauseous and disgusted. On the four-year prior, however, any estimate about the course of events would be inconsequential, and what follows is more than just the extraordinary capacity for change inside each and every person.

The details of this scene will scar the minds of the doctors forever. At first, the workers were shocked when they were informed that the kid had been rushed to the hospital. It was as if he had come straight out of a nightmare; he was dusty, dirty, and so thin only a skin and bones remained. His eyes did seem sort of rebellious, but at the same time there was an apparent understanding that he had already lost the hope for a happy living.

The doctors were taken aback by the fact that such a sound boy had been disregarded when they checked him out His body was the monument of the difficult reality of his life scarred by injuries inflicted on him by the neglect and abuse. It was plain that the community which was designated to provide him the care and to look after him had failed, and thus left the world where no one was there to take care of him.

However, a drop of optimism was found among the pool of gloomy and disappointed feelings. The doctors felt this strong and resilient person under the states of neglect and filth which surfaced the fragile physical appearance. He looked like he was trying to say by his face that there was a potential self that was looked beyond his appearance.

The doctors came together with the single goal of making a difference in the life of this child and they reached out to support him. They not only made him healthy again, cleansed and dressed his wounds, but, most importantly, they showed him the love, care, and compassion that he had been deprived of for long. Under their supervision, he, day by day, progressed in growth, and his light started to shine despite all the surrounding darkness.

Transformation of that kid during the days becoming the weeks and weeks becoming the months was indeed something very interesting. In place of his eyes which had earlier seemed like dead seas, a light of life was now blinking in his eyes, and his thin body was full of the hope of recovery. He began to laugh and smile, discovering the joys of youth which he had never felt before.

The most conspicuous change in his personality was his standpoint. He was no longer trembling in fear and avoiding people. However, he rejoiced in welcoming life rather than bowing in the face of it for he desired to find out whatever life has to offer. It was as if, he was reincarnated, showcasing resilience of human spirit and the power of the love which is able to heal even the most painful of the injuries.

Four years following the incidents, the girl is no longer the child that made the doctors feel ill from disgust, but a symbol of strength and growth. The new road led to him, a new road full with optimism, possibilities, and a future that would define him rather than his past prisons would. Through his narration, he provided a good illustration that the very circumstances which are constantly pointing to despair can be configured to be sources of hope—if only we are brave enough to dare to believe in it.

The doctors felt especially amazed and lucky that they assisted in such a drastic transformation. They were filled with the adrenaline of experiencing such positive change, and they reflected back on their journey. He had, indubitably, passed down upon them the most critical virtues; strength, empathy and the resilience of the human spirit to all those difficulties. Along with that, they came back to the battlefronts renewed that the poor who needed relief the most were going to be the beneficiaries and they looked with enthusiasm and hope in the future.

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