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The ultra-rare Tessier cleft lip and palate disease was identified in Christian Buchanan due to improper facial tissue joining during development. Boy has a terrible eye problem that causes his eyes to protrude.

Nigel Farage offers a potential solution for the Remembrance Day protest. The youngster who is inspiring was born with “NO EYES” due to a congenital disease.

A remarkable child born with “NO EYES” as a result of an uncommon illness Through his moving account of being born “without eyes” and unable to feed himself, the six-year-old youngster aims to alter the way that people view children who suffer from severe facial disfigurements. The ultra-rare Tessier cleft lip and palate disease was identified in Christian Buchanan due to improper facial tissue joining during development. It indicates that Christian, a resident of Woodbury, Tennessee, in the United States, was utterly blind from birth, unable to speak or eat, and with big gaps in his face.

His ailment is so rare that there are only 60 recorded cases of it in the entire history of medicine. However, that hasn’t stopped Christian from having a full life, which includes learning karate, playing with Lego, and wrestling with his younger brother. Holding Christian as a newborn, Lacey Buchanan (Barcroft Media)

Father Chris Buchanan looking over the hospital crib of his son Christian (Barcroft Media)

“Christian’s condition is called Tessier Cleft Lip and Palate; he has classifications three, four, and five which include microphthalmia,” Christian’s mother Lacey said to Barcroft TV. The reason of his illness was amniotic banding syndrome. Christian’s banding happened to adhere to his face because fibrous bands can grow in the womb and if they attach to the baby, they stop the infant’s blood supply.

Christian has needed a feeding tube since he was four days old because he was born without the ability to eat because of the notches in his face. Christian’s illness has prevented him from ever being able to sight, and it has also had an impact on his speech and learning. Despite these challenges, he has managed to live a full life. Christian and Lacey are running a campaign to increase public awareness of those who have facial disabilities (Barcroft Media)

Christian Buchanan with his mother Lacey (Barcroft Media) wearing a graduation gown.

“Christian is a very typical six-year-old little boy,” Lacey clarified. He enjoys wrestling with his younger brother, just like any other six-year-old. Christian’s eyesight impairment is the main way that his condition interferes with his day-to-day activities. He must learn how to navigate the world in the dark because he is totally blind.

“He has to learn to live in a world designed for sighted people; it takes some getting used to and we sometimes have to do things a little differently, but it’s totally doable and he is doing it.” Christian attends the Special Kids Therapy & Nursing Centre in Murfreesboro once a week, where he receives home education and gains knowledge in a range of subjects, from speech to self-dressing.

According to Lacey, Christian is currently enrolled in a Lego class, a US geography class, and a creative writing class. Additionally, he is surrounded by good-friended classmates his own age, which has greatly improved his social skills and improved how well he interacts with others.

As of right now, he is clothing himself in occupational therapy. He has recently become an expert at putting on and taking off shoes. Christian has had seven surgeries total; three of these were performed to rebuild his face and seal the spaces left by the cleft, allowing him to eventually speak and eat normally.

“Christian will have more surgeries in the future; that’s just the nature of this beast,” Lacey clarified. Although Lacey had intended to raise Christian in a society that was cognizant of his disability, she was taken aback by some of the responses she received from strangers. “I was unaware that there is this huge social stigma about being different, looking different, and most people didn’t know how to handle somebody with that type of difference,” Lacey said before Christian was born.

“We had a problem just now. Christian was playing with a small toy on the shelf when a woman passed by and said, ‘Eww.’ “He has overheard certain remarks made by others. What children say, he hears, such as “Why does he look like that?” What’s the matter with his eyes? I usually respond to kids with an optimistic, positive tone, saying things like, “Oh, that’s just how Christian was born.”

“Why does he have red eyes?” they’ll ask. “That’s just how he was made,” I’ll remark. Yes, his eyes are red, which is kind of cool.In the last few weeks, he has learned to say, “Oh, that’s just how God made me.” “That’s how I was born, and I was born awesome,” he would say. I provide him just a few lines to speak.

Christian is not only an enthusiastic violinist but also a karate student pursuing an orange belt; Lacey has witnessed her son’s self-assurance blossom. “I would definitely describe Christian as independent,” Lacey remarked. He started stating, “I want to do it all by myself, mummy,” a few years ago, as I recall.

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