Critics are slamming Teen Mom’s Mackenzie McKee for getting a tattoo in a garage to honor her late mother, calling it unsanitary and inappropriate.

Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee admits she’s ‘scared’ her dad remains in ICU from  heart surgery a year after mom’s ca


Mackenzie McKee, a prominent figure from Teen Mom, finds herself amidst controversy as critics unleash a barrage of condemnation following her decision to get a tattoo in a garage as a tribute to her deceased mother. The move, which some view as touching and heartfelt, has triggered a wave of backlash, with many labeling it as unsanitary and inappropriate.

McKee’s choice to ink her body with a permanent reminder of her mother’s memory is a deeply personal one. However, the setting in which she opted to receive the tattoo has sparked widespread criticism. Instead of choosing a professional tattoo studio with sterile conditions, McKee reportedly had the procedure done in a garage, a location typically associated with a lack of cleanliness and proper sanitation measures.

Teen Mom OG': Mackenzie's Mom, Angie Douthit, Dies After Cancer Battle | In Touch Weekly

Critics argue that the decision to undergo a tattoo procedure in such a setting not only puts McKee’s health at risk but also sets a poor example for her followers, many of whom are impressionable teenagers. The garage environment lacks the stringent hygiene standards upheld by licensed tattoo parlors, raising concerns about the potential for infection and other health complications.

Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee slammed as 'unsanitary' and 'disgusting' after star gets tattoo honoring late mom in a GARAGE | The Sun

Moreover, detractors contend that McKee, as a public figure with a significant platform, should exercise greater responsibility and discretion in her actions. By glamorizing or normalizing the practice of receiving tattoos in unprofessional settings, she may inadvertently encourage others to make similarly risky choices.

While McKee’s intentions to honor her late mother are undoubtedly sincere, critics argue that the means she chose to do so were ill-advised. The controversy surrounding her decision serves as a reminder of the importance of considering both the message and the method when making personal choices in the public eye.

Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee slammed as 'unsanitary' and 'disgusting' after star gets tattoo honoring late mom in a GARAGE | The Sun

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