Claire and Lola’s Inspiring Journey of Strength and Resilience.

Claire and Lola Hartley’s saga depicts the fact that the soul is immortal and regardless of what might happen, there always is a drive inside each one of us to reach out for the light. Destined to have dwarfism as well as a rare nervous disorder from day one, these girls have too many problems to handle with in a day yet their story is the message of love, joy, and willpower.

No matter their disabilities, being like other normal girls, Claire and Lola discover joy and fulfillment from simple pleasures. They like music, for example, rap music, and watching wedding programs. The diminutive height of just the five feet between them and their weight of approximately three stone might seem the least of obstacle compared to their mother Gwen’s caring arms that eventually created a bond that overcame every impediment.

When Claire, like her sister, got microcephaly, a condition in which the fetus’s head is smaller and the brain has not developed fully, the doctors did not believe she would live to be born. Leaving herself with just a year of life to spend, her parent Gwen and husband Scott chose a way of living holistically by avoiding drugs and eating a well-balanced diet instead. Unrelenting and gracious, their effort has wonderfully hugged Claire and given her reason to strive even in the toughest odds.

Microcephaly, the disease which Claire and Lola have, cause them numerous problems particularly, but behind their struggles they are very enjoyable and entertaining. Claire is rather relaxed being often found sunbathing on the faux grass, while Lola is in constant search for compliments and getting cuddles.

Microcephaly is a result of different factors, such as mutations, passing mothers genes on with viruses, and development of toxic substances and drugs which affect the brain development. Unlike tale of another family where a child was born with microcephaly they experienced incomplete and sometimes lifelong problems, yet the story of Claire and Lola depicts the vigor of love and perseverance which enables one to overcome adversity.

Claire and Lola’s way of handling a difficult situation presents itself as a good exemplar for everyone to carry on facing life, no matter how disadvantageous it might become. Regardless of their disabilities, however, they are still one of the most joyful expressions where from us all can learn the true definition of strength and love in touching moments.

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