Capturing expectant moms with 20,000 buzzing bees makes people anxious for them and their unborn child.

From the time a women realizes she is pregnant and that handle it with a whole new set of feelings, including excitement and hope. For expecting mother the pregnancy period has a significant role in their life and therefore it becomes very necessary for them to remember these unique and creative times. Also there is more maternity photos doing around, the setting can be varied from many locations such as endless field or even in a living room, and the theme can be anything from beauty of pregnancy journey to readiness of becoming a parent.

It was indeed a very deliberate experience for Bethany Karulak-Baker, a professional beekeeper. She had the bold intention to share her occupation and her fondness of the bees, in a unique maternity photo shoot. However, the special thing in this shoot is that that very bold and crazy she has thousands of bees gather on her tummy. It simply a beautiful art piece, that would defy traditional boundaries and appeal to people’s interest.

Bethany was the first to be anxious about the party since her allergies and her bad butt turned to be rather powerful She explained that she scared because the epidermis is the outermost layer of skin and Uricaria can cause severe pain and can take weeks to clear up. In order to put their fears to rest, the couple coordinated with doctors and meticulously planned the session. Create your own and get content that respects your brand and values. They decided to sued artificially simulated bees instead of the live ones as precautionary measure, ensuring that Bethany and unborn baby remain safe and healthy.

The picture shoot took place in a safe place that was treated with the utmost care and precaution. Every little thing was carefully thought out, from setting the temperature to putting frames with fake bees in them in a way that made the most sense.

The end result was a set of pictures with about 10,000 bees skillfully decorating Bethany’s earring, representing the balance between her job as a beekeeper and being a mother.

The pictures soon jumped the wave and gained a lot of audience. Many people to Bethany offered love and she was thankful to that. Many women who took the courage to share their miscarriage experiences posted their stories, and Bethany’s story was a big help to them in this process of healing and connecting with others. Furthermore, a large number of orders from the brand’s commercial honey company came in, indicating that people really loved their work.

The maternity photo shoot with thousands of bees by Bethany is a symbol of perseverance where the former managed to conquer the latter and accomplish a Еxtrаordinary goal. It is a remembrance of life’s unmatched moments and it is a standing point that the true bravery is in accepting the unusual to motivate others into embracing their unique pregnancy and the motherhood courses.

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