As the little girl hugged her new baby, not only her family but also those around her experienced a genuine and warm emotion, immersed in this meaningful moment.

This is the heartwarming moment a little girl couldn’t hold back her tears when she met her baby cousin for the first time.

Marley Rae, a daughter, is the new child born to Reseda, California resident Bree Miller. Bree prepared her camera to record the precious moments when the small baby finally got to meet some of her family. The little child was shown in the video sitting on a sofa in a sitting room. It was shot in Simi Valley, California.

That day, two of Marley Rae’s new relatives stopped by to see how she was doing. The two tiny girls appeared to be rapt with attention as Bree held and fed the infant. They both couldn’t wait to hold that young child in their own arms and would hesitantly reach out to touch her downy-soft hair. When Bree put a dozing Marley Rae in her niece Tiffany’s arms, the young child appeared distraught. Tiffany held the newborn against her body and looked into her face, her eyes becoming blurry with tears. The little girl’s emotions overflowed a few seconds later, and those wet eyes became into actual tears!

The expression in young Tiffany’s eyes as she cradles Marley Rae to her bosom will be familiar to anybody who has ever experienced an overwhelming wave of love for a kid. She appears to be a kind and kind natural caregiver, and it’s clear that she will make the best cousin anybody could want for!The young girl gazed with fascination at her new relative, who yawned and scowled while shrieking a little in the toddler’s lap. However, as they fell back asleep, the dazed toddler simply grinned at the infant.

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