Against Medical Advice: Mother Welcomes Princess and Four Princes Against All Odds

Anastasia Merkulova, a dedicated railway worker stationed along the vast expanse of the Trans-Siberian route, found herself embarking on an extraordinary journey when she embraced motherhood. Prior to her maternity leave, Anastasia diligently fulfilled her duties along the stretches of the world’s longest railway. Little did she know, her life was about to be enriched with the arrival of a large and unexpected family—a princess named Raisa, accompanied by four princes.

The news of quintuplets was not initially anticipated. During routine medical examinations, doctors initially identified three children. However, at the 16-week mark of her pregnancy, a fourth child was discovered. Despite the joyful surprise, the medical advice offered to Anastasia and her husband was fraught with uncertainty. Doctors cautioned them to prepare for the birth of four boys and suggested considering selective abortion to reduce the risks associated with multiple pregnancies.

August 22, 2017, marked a momentous day for Anastasia and her family in Vladivostok, as it heralded the arrival of their quintuplets via Cesarean section. Amidst the joy of welcoming their five children into the world, Anastasia faced daunting challenges during childbirth. Complications arose, leading to significant blood loss and an arduous four-day stay in intensive care following the delivery.

Despite the physical toll exacted by childbirth, Anastasia’s determination to embrace motherhood remained unwavering. With remarkable resilience, she mustered the strength to meet her newborns the day after undergoing surgery, propelled by an overwhelming desire to hold her precious children in her arms.

Upon returning home, Anastasia found solace in the support of her mother-in-law, yet the journey ahead remained arduous. Every mundane task, from daily walks to meals and baths, felt akin to a grueling march for paratroopers—demanding, yet imbued with the promise of fortitude and resilience.

Anastasia’s unwavering courage and resilience in the face of adversity serve as a testament to the indomitable spirit of motherhood, inspiring countless others with her extraordinary tale of love, sacrifice, and unwavering determination.

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