Zurich Takaful Travel Insurance

Zurich Takaful is the Islamic insurance subsidiary of Zurich Insurance Group that offers Shariah-compliant insurance products including travel insurance. Takaful insurance is based on the principles of shared responsibility, joint indemnity, common interest and solidarity.

Zurich Takaful’s travel insurance plans provide coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, and other travel-related risks in accordance with Islamic financing principles. The Takaful model avoids interest, uncertainty, and gambling, which are prohibited in Islam. Let’s take a closer look at Zurich Takaful’s travel insurance and how it can benefit Muslim travelers.

Overview of Zurich Takaful Travel Insurance Plans

Zurich Takaful offers three main travel insurance plans – Silver, Gold, and Platinum – with increasing levels of coverage.

Silver Plan

The Silver plan provides basic coverage including:

  • Medical expenses up to $35,000
  • Personal accident benefits up to $10,000
  • Loss of luggage up to $500
  • Loss of travel documents up to $250
  • Travel delay benefits up to $100

This plan is suitable for short trips and budget travelers.

Gold Plan

The Gold plan increases limits on medical expenses, personal accident, and baggage compared to the Silver plan. Additional benefits include:

  • Trip cancellation up to $1,500
  • Trip interruption up to $1,500
  • Travel delay benefits up to $150

This mid-range plan provides good value coverage for regular travelers.

Platinum Plan

The Platinum plan provides high coverage limits on medical, personal accident, cancellation, interruption, baggage, and travel delays. Key benefits include:

  • Medical expenses up to $100,000
  • Personal accident up to $50,000
  • Trip cancellation up to $2,500
  • Loss of luggage up to $1,000
  • Travel delays up to $200

This premium plan is ideal for extended trips and high-risk destinations.

Key Benefits of Zurich Takaful Travel Insurance

Some of the major benefits provided by Zurich Takaful travel insurance include:

Medical Cover

Zurich Takaful plans provide coverage for medical treatment abroad up to policy limits. This includes hospitalization, surgery, doctor visits, prescription drugs, and emergency medical evacuation if required.

Emergency Assistance

The plans provide 24/7 emergency medical and travel assistance services. This includes medical referrals, arrangement of hospital admission, emergency medical evacuations, and other support services.

Personal Accident Protection

You get compensation in case of permanent disability or accidental death while traveling based on policy terms. This provides financial protection for you and your family.

Trip Cancellation

Your prepaid travel costs are reimbursed if you need to cancel your trip due to covered reasons like illness, accident, or death of a relative.

Loss of Luggage

The plans reimburse you for loss or damage of checked-in baggage and personal items based on policy sub-limits.

How Zurich Takaful Travel Insurance Complies with Shariah Law

Zurich Takaful ensures its travel insurance plans are Shariah-compliant by adhering to Islamic finance principles:


As interest (riba) is prohibited, Zurich Takaful operates on a cooperative model without interest-bearing investments or transactions.

Avoid Uncertainty

Contracts are clear and unambiguous without any uncertain or speculative elements (gharar). Claims are paid promptly.

Shared Responsibility

Losses and claims are shared collectively among participants creating a sense of mutual responsibility (takaful).

Ethical Investments

Premiums are invested in Shariah-compliant assets and businesses that serve the real economy.


An independent Shariah supervisory board oversees operations and ensures adherence to Islamic principles.

This gives Muslim travelers confidence in buying travel insurance plans compliant with their faith.

How to Buy Zurich Takaful Travel Insurance

Zurich Takaful travel insurance can be purchased in a few simple steps:

Get a Quote

You can get an instant quote online by providing your trip details and required coverage. Contact details are available to get assistance.

Choose a Plan

Compare the Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans and choose one that matches your budget and needs. Optional add-ons like golf or adventure sports cover may be selected.

Make Payment

Payment can be made via credit card or bank transfer as per your convenience to confirm policy issuance.

Provide Information

Give accurate information about your personal details, health history and trip duration for underwriting.

Obtain Policy Documents

Your policy wording, certificate, and related documents will be provided via email for your reference and records.

That’s it! You can now travel stress-free with Zurich Takaful’s Shariah-compliant travel insurance.

Benefits of Getting Travel Insurance from Zurich Takaful

There are several advantages to getting travel insurance specifically from Zurich Takaful:

Trusted Islamic Brand

Zurich Takaful is backed by the global reputation and financial strength of Zurich Insurance Group and trusted for Shariah compliance.

Worldwide Coverage

Get protection with comprehensive coverage when traveling almost anywhere globally under Zurich plans.

Claims Assistance

Zurich has an experienced claims team and global assistance partner to help you promptly file and settle claims.

Customer Service

You get dedicated service and support from Zurich’s customer service professionals.

Online Convenience

Quotes, purchases, and policy management can be done digitally for quicker service.

Policy Flexibility

Choose optimal coverage, trip duration, deductibles, and add-ons to match your exact travel insurance needs.

Therefore, Zurich Takaful presents a worthwhile option for Islamic travel insurance and peace of mind.

Common Questions about Zurich Takaful Travel Insurance

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding Zurich Takaful travel insurance:

Who can buy these travel insurance plans?

Zurich Takaful plans are open to all nationalities aged 2 weeks to 75 years for single-trip policies. Family cover for spouse and children is also available.

Are pre-existing conditions covered?

For minor pre-existing conditions, underwriting may be required by providing medical history. Major conditions are usually excluded.

How long is the coverage period?

You can get Zurich Takaful coverage for single trips up to 180 days duration per policy term. Longer multi-trip policies are also available.

Does the policy cover high-risk adventure sports?

Yes, adventure sports can be covered for an additional premium by customizing your policy.

Can I cancel my policy after purchase?

You have a 14-day free look period after purchase to review and cancel the policy if required, subject to terms.

How do I make a claim?

Contact Zurich Takaful’s claims team via phone, email or portal as soon as possible and provide documentation to trigger claims processing.

Zurich assistants can provide additional clarification as needed to help you make an informed purchase.


Zurich Takaful provides comprehensive Shariah-compliant travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip delays, cancellations, lost baggage, and more. Their Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans offer tiered coverage at reasonable rates. Key benefits include medical expenses, personal accident protection, emergency assistance services, and insurance coverage compliant with Islamic finance principles. Muslim travelers can have peace of mind by getting travel insurance from a trusted Islamic insurance provider like Zurich Takaful.

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