With a smile as bright as the sun, big cheeks, and eyes that sparkle, you make your parents very happy.

For a world full of problems and difficulties, there is a pure and powerful cure that is easy to find but not always fair: the unsullied beauty of their faces. They are the dissipating shafts of enthusiasm which have an unequaled everlasting power to mend the broken fragments of the soul and mind. Their plainness brings peace as well as regeneration.

When we live day by day, we have the probability to get lost in a labyrinth of stress, apprehension and futility. Bearing this in mind, a smile of a kid is very powerful. It can melt away your worries, even if only for few moments. It is this peaceful reminder of how incredible life can be with the beautiful simplicity that it holds.

It is their easily notable misbehavior that makes them babyish and at the same time charmingly adorable; their endless discoveries of various things they think are funny make us want to discover more about life as well. Their smiles are really innocent, unlike our blurry minds, which carry the stresses along with them. However, whenever they smile at us, it feels like all the bad thoughts have left us.

Along with that, the smile of a child is like a mirror that reveals to us all the good feelings that are inside of us. We tend to remember their uninhibited joy and favor love, cheer, and compassion, which are all attributes of each of us. Sadly, we, as people, don’t always act upon them.

We cannot also ignore the fact they do more than just lift our moods; children’s smiles have the ability to spread and actually put people together. However, there are much more things that divide people than unify them but when you get to see a child happy, they erase the boundaries between language, countr, and ideology.

Still, the most amazing thing about kids’ innocent smiles is that they can change things. Their power to change sadness into hope, grief into joy, and fear into courage is like a source of light shining through the darkness. There are lots of possibilities in the world and lots of hope for the future when a child smiles.

You can’t say enough good things about kids’ innocent smiles. They are powerful medicines for the mind and spirit, giving relief, connection, and hope all at the same time. Don’t waste these special times; the sound of children laughing is the real core of what it means to be alive.

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