When dad hugs his newborn and sees his genuine remorse after two pushes, it breaks your heart.

From different parts of the globe, millions of people heard of a mother’s undying resilience and courage during the most difficult part of Childbirth.

What a woman can do in two strong pushes, while she is putting another birth into the world is a feat that will stay in the memory of everyone that has seen it.

The strength of human physiology obviously became clear while this mother, who was desperate to give birth, performed that duty. That moment was filmed and people from all over the world sent in messages of support.

The video demonstrates the instinctive and non-artificial give of birth, underlining the power, bravery, and sensitivity that are inherent in the process of peopling the world. It is also true in the sense that it refers the superpower of the women body and the beauty of giving birth.

The online community was emotionally inspired as it witnessed a display of such kindness and courage. A lot of the people who watched the videos left comments saying that the resilient woman’s patience inspired and struck a chord with them. “A lot of women shared their stories about their labour journey which made strangers exchange stories and make them all feel that they are in this together.”

In an environment occupied by videos from digital material fighting for short-span viewership, this one is the demonstration of how much a real and solid story can resonate. It reminded us that the internet is however swamped and congested, there are the tales of courage and resilience that gets one touched and changes one’s life.

Thanks to the continuous circulation around the web, the film manifests the valor of keeping on living of all the mothers. It celebrates women’s glory and the power of giving birth, which is so meaningful.

A life arrived from here into the world with no more than two purposeful pushes. It touched a huge number of people and produced a lasting impression, demonstrating that the human spirit can overcome all obstacles.

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