Welcoming the Birth of a Child Gifted with an Oversized Tongue: A Special Blessing.

Paisley, also known as tiny baby girl Paisley, landed on the planet with a unique condition, so her tongue was longer than twice of her mouth size and thus she couldn’t smile. The women physicians reassured her with the care they provided that her tongue appeared to be larger than normal. However, this was diagnosed as being due to Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome, a condition that affects only one in 11,000 births globally.

For the first few weeks of her life, Paisley required a figure holding apparatus in order to allow her to breathe properly without choking, and she had to have formula milk fed through a gastronomy tube until she reached around the age of six months. Sadly, their wish of little mouth adjusting easily to the gigantic tongue remained to be a mere hope rather than a reality.

The news was by no means welcome to the parents. Madison Kienow, 21, and Shannon Morrison-Johnson, 23, had to make a difficult choice, but only one option was clear to them: to do surgery. Unluckily the surgery of her tongue reduction was not successful because the reattached part of her normal tongue recuperated.

Whereas at fifteen months old she had to undertake her second tongue reduction surgery, which took away over 6 inches of muscle from the organ. Finally, this was the time when Paisley broke into a beautiful smile that was long been absent but now brought comfort to her family’s hearts. During the transition, Mother, a pre-medicine student, was astonished to see her daughter’s smile. This gave them an opportunity to discuss what positive impacts it made to Paisley’s overall demeanor.

Paisley’s pediatricians continue to focus on recovery, which at this stage primarily requires monitoring for the need of further reduction surgeries. Providing some optimism for Paisley’s family is the doctors’ promise that no more reduction surgeries would be conducted.

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