Unveiling the MacDonald Quartet: A Landmark Occurrence of Dual Twin Births in New Zealand After Twenty Years Sparks Scientific Inquiry into Genetics

“I was completely taken aback,” recalls Kendall, reflecting on the moment they received the news that their family of three would suddenly expand to a family of seven.

In an exclusive feature with Woman’s Day, proud parents Kendall and Joshua MacDonald, both 27, share their overwhelming joy as they welcome their new son and daughters, who join three-year-old Brooklyn. They express their gratitude for navigating through pregnancy and the anxious initial weeks of life without any tragedies.

“We tried for three years to conceive a second child, and finally achieving pregnancy after experiencing a loss in between was incredibly emotional,” says Kendall, her voice wavering as she recalls years of infertility struggles. “I always dreamed of holding another baby, but to be blessed with four was beyond amazing.”

The quads, born within three minutes of each other, began their arrival into the world at 2:28 am on August 15, at just 28 weeks and four days gestation, with weights ranging from 1.1 to 1.3kg. As Kendall prepares for their special photo session, it doesn’t take long before two of the infants stir, signaling their hunger. Despite their tender age, Kendall notes that each newborn is already displaying unique characteristics.

“From the very beginning, we’ve noticed that we’ll need to keep an eye on Molly,” she says, smiling at her raven-haired daughter. “She seems like she’s going to be the mischievous one! What’s funny about Molly is that she’s unfazed by everything. She’s the easygoing baby, and Quinn isn’t far behind. Indie is quite sensitive, and then there’s Hudson, whom we affectionately call Grumpy. Just speaking to him can make him burst into tears. Nothing seems to appease him.”

With both fraternal and identical twins, Kendall and Joshua admit they’re struggling to tell their identical daughters, Indie and Quinn, apart, resorting to a small Vivid marker dot on one of their ankles to avoid any mix-ups.

“They had identification tags on in the hospital, but if I glanced at them without seeing the tags, I couldn’t differentiate between them,” confesses Kendall. At 25 weeks, when Kendall had reached the size of a full-term pregnancy, she relocated to Christchurch in preparation for the birth. Three weeks later, at 28 weeks and three days, she began experiencing contractions.

“They had been expecting me to go into labor anytime after 25 weeks. I reached 28 weeks and three days, and the babies were still doing well. That night, I couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep.


“Then I sat up and realized that the discomfort I was feeling was my stomach tightening. It was happening every minute, then every 30 seconds, but it wasn’t painful. I wondered if this was labor, so I called my midwife, and she advised me to go to the hospital. I arrived at midnight, and I ended up having a C-section immediately.”

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