Unveiling Tesla’s Upcoming Major Updates: From Auto Wipers to Smart Summon and More

Elon Musk’s recent tease on X, “Really cool stuff coming both this month and next,” has caused many in the Tesla community to wonder what is in store. The list is long; you can check the upcoming features tab to scroll through items that have been discussed previously. Also, given Musk’s history with timelines, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when we will see anything. Let’s fall down the rabbit hole with some educated guesses, ranging from improved auto wipers to the long-anticipated Park Seek feature.

Tesla’s journey with its auto wipers has been a rocky one. The company’s innovative approach, leveraging cameras and a computer vision neural network, was designed to adjust wiper speed based on detected precipitation intensity. However, this has led to sensitivity and responsiveness issues, causing users frustration. Yun-Ta Tsai, a Senior AI Engineer at Tesla, recently hinted at an imminent update, sparking a small glimmer of hope for a system that finally may meet expectations. With Musk’s promise of wipers that “will be super good,” the upcoming update could significantly improve how Tesla vehicles handle adverse weather conditions.

Actually Smart Summon (ASS): Enhancing Daily Interactions

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