“Unusual Feats: A Boy’s Remarkable Journey of Motivation through Extraordinary Handwalking Ability”

For many years, residents of Bu Dach village (Quang Tin commune, Dak R’Lap district, Dak Nong province) have been accustomed to witnessing young Dieu Khuy Nich making his way to school on his hands. My greatest aspiration is to possess a pair of prosthetic legs. According to Da Tri newspaper, Dieu Khuy Nich is the fifth child of Ms. Xuan (M’Nong ethnic group) and her late husband. When Ms. Xuan was pregnant with Nich, doctors detected abnormalities in the fetus at just 6 months old.

Despite their reluctance to give up on their child, Ms. Xuan and her husband decided to proceed with the pregnancy. “The day Nich was born, my husband and I were stunned, unable to believe our eyes. While our other children were fully formed, my child was as small as a lump of flesh and lacked legs. All we could do was embrace each other and cry, feeling sorry for our child who would soon endure misfortune,” recounted Ms. Xuan.

Initially, villagers believed that Nich’s misfortune was a punishment from God upon Xuan’s family. However, overcoming adversity and physical limitations, Nich greeted them with an optimistic outlook. From then on, the villagers’ perception of him gradually shifted. Ms. Xuan sadly recalled: “When he was over 3 years old, he could only roll over but couldn’t walk. Whenever he wanted to go anywhere, my parents had to carry him. Then one day, he asked me why he didn’t have legs like other people. I just held my child in my arms and told him, ‘God didn’t give you legs, so you should learn to walk with your hands.'”

Following this, Nich began to walk directly on the bed he lay on. Each time he fell, he would rise on his own without assistance. Half a year later, the miracle occurred when Nich took his first steps, despite his hands bleeding. Unfortunately, Nich’s father passed away on the 4th day of Lunar New Year last year. Reflecting on her husband’s photo, Ms. Xuan remarked: “He was bedridden for 6 months. The money from selling the cashew garden was only 60 million, so it wasn’t enough for treatment. Now that his father has passed away, I don’t know if I will still be alive to buy him prosthetic legs when he becomes an adult.”

Ms. Doan Thi Giang, Nich’s homeroom teacher, shared that despite the major event of his father’s passing last school year, Nich successfully completed his studies with excellent results. Nich’s optimism and bright smile not only touched and admired his friends but also the teachers at school.

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