Unshakeable Confidence: 8-Year-Old Faces Critique for His Enchanting Blue Eyes.

There are specific cultures which find expressions in the unique practices and rules. What makes traveling the world so extra-ordinary is the chance to rededicate yourself to discovering new aspects and at the same time be acquainted with particularities of different places and their inhabitants.

In Jinka, located in the south of Ethiopia, resides an 8-year-old boy named Abushe who has been marginalized from his community due to a special condition: his eyes are a striking shade of blue reminiscent of an early summer sky. Alas, this characteristic can lead to different forms of community prejudice evident even among the discrimination against people with albinism.

Abuse is something that Korovin has always lived with it since very childhood. Encountering bullying all the time and refusing to have the same possibilities that boys of his age are, are two big problems he confronts.

He has not been cursed or has always been free from any offending or harm within his body. He is a victim of Waardenburg syndrome that happens to be a genetical disorder and the same which is a harbinger of a remarkable eye colour of bluish tint.

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