Unseeп aпd Unheard: A Heartreпdiпg Tale of Desolation.

Such a heartbreaking story of grief to joy no wonder this inspiring tale of despair turned into hope can really pull anyone`s heartstrings. The consequence standing before the helpless puppy is not only a harsh wakeup call of the harshness of life but also a reflector of the poor state of life for many homeless animals. But luckily for that poor little doggie, the angelic manners and actives of the Angel Project, the story of this dog went in an unexpected trajectory.

It lived only on a meager crust of bread plus water, which was offered by one humanity-loving person. Four hot days this little man lived under a makeshift roof in the sweltering heat. Yet, when The Angel Project team landed on the planet, it gave us back the hope that life was possible. Weighing only 1.8 kg, with a fractured pelvis, the small puppy was in a difficult situation, yet there was a flick between the two of them by the mirror.

The attempt of saving the puppy began with emergency medical attention; the puppy’s broken spine demanded a very skilled procedure. Thanks to the skill of veterinary staff and the little one’s never-say-die outlook, defiantly, the surgery was a success. Surprisingly, a month of real effort led to the clear evidence of the wonderful result. Healed by affection that he received from caretakers and eventually becoming General himself.

General’s story doesn’t stop in the recovery room. It was an introduction to the warm arms of the adoptive parents who treasured him, therefore he got a second chance in life. General’s presence at his foster home was in fact his charm and resilience with which he endeared a family within few days and in the process he did not only set the foot of his future in a stronger and well-connected relationship, but he also promised the family a lifetime of love and joy.

Such a story is a perfect illustration of tolerance and honesty of people’s hearts and also represents a long distance of a little puppy, who went from abandonment on the slipway to a warm home with such a family. It reflects that one’s little act of kindness can bring about a huge difference in the life of homeless animals who are in dire need of aid for survival.

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