Unlocking the Wonders of Identical Triplets: Insights from Parents on Navigating the Challenges and Joys of Raising Triplet Gems – A Journey of Inspiration and Understanding

Amanda and Chad Doss, residing in Franklin, Indiana, found themselves greeted by an unexpected and remarkable blessing: three identical daughters named Avery, Bentley, and Cassidy. Living by the mantra “Calm down, they’re just triplets,” they embarked on a journey filled with both challenges and joys.

One unique aspect of raising their naturally occurring identical triplets is the use of a pink Sharpie marker, which aids in distinguishing between the girls. Despite their striking similarities, subtle differences like Cassidy’s noticeable nose vein or Bentley’s red eyelid help the parents identify them. However, given how rapidly babies change, the Dosses resort to marking their initials with Sharpie under their feet after each bath, ensuring they can still tell them apart in case the distinguishing features fade away.

Chad and Amanda, who already have children from Chad’s previous marriage, Caleb (12) and Kaitlyn (9), adjusted to their new life seamlessly after the arrival of the triplets. Chad’s decision to undergo a vasectomy after marrying Amanda in 2011 was intended to cap their family growth, making the surprise arrival of the triplets even more delightful.

Born prematurely on December 30, the girls spent some time in the hospital before being discharged on January 29, a month ahead of Amanda’s due date. Despite the initial chaos, Amanda reminisces fondly about her experience, citing the support of their extended family and the established routine as essential factors in managing their bustling household.

Living in a three-bedroom house with a cot for each infant in the master bedroom, the Dosses have found a rhythm in dividing parenting and household responsibilities. While they admit to moments of exhaustion, they take pride in their daughters’ resilience and their ability to adapt to the demands of caring for three infants simultaneously.


For Amanda, maintaining a sense of routine and avoiding stress are crucial, while Chad emphasizes the importance of mutual support and cooperation between him and Amanda. Their love for each other and their shared commitment to their growing family serve as the driving force behind their ability to navigate the challenges of raising triplets.

Their older children, Caleb and Kaitlyn, have embraced their roles as big siblings, showering their younger sisters with love and assistance. Amanda and Chad are grateful for the bond that has formed among all their children, cherishing the unity and affection that define their expanding family dynamic.

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