Timeless: An unforgettable story of parent-daughter love and growing up.

She can’t admit defeat when the going gets tough. She stands for courage and striving. Whether it is about her economic hardship or her own feelings, she holds onto her child as her only hope of getting past any obstacle that gets in the way of her child’s future.

Apart from the things she does, what makes her care so special is the fact that all she gives comes from the bottom of her heart. Night-time with lamas, nice words of support, and endless hair all speak a lot about how dedicated she is. She sacrifices her own need, so every decision she makes is accompanied by her love.

Under her direction, the child is able to learn valuable lessons about life, like being kind, hard work, and sticking to the goal even when the way is difficult. She makes them love themselves and gives them courage to follow the dreams they wish to pursue without being afraid.

Whether everything works or not, the unconditional love of a mother endures steadfastly holding her child. Someone rarely tells her how much working behind the scenes has molded her child into a good kid.

The infant will change with time, yet her attachment to her mother will always remain. In the very center of every child’s heart is unflinching love for his or her “flawed but perfect” mom’s endless affection and hard labor.

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