This story highlights the profound impact of Cooling’s intervention, as a distressed mother finds solace and connection with her younger daughter over the course of a fortnight. ‎ ‎

It is a very tragic and touching graph of the life of the woman which deals with the eternal theme of love, grief and the strongest feelings which unite the mother with her children. Emma Wood hose’s grief counseling and singling out of Jessica’s death from among the other twin, Susanna, is in what tears and strength have tied.

The situation of cooling cot was a blessing, granting Emma and her family to share Jessica the last minutes which were so unforgettable, neither memories, nor moments with her could be lost. Jessica’s financial situation poses a problem. However, this doesn’t prevent Emma demonstrating sister-hood-like care and love to a girl who was dear to her, in spite of the sense of pain and loss.

Apparently, Emma holds a notion that their meeting was meant to make maintain the realm of Bella at the same time, showcasing the diverse feelings about such terrifying situations.

Additionally, it is Emma decision to reveal her story that throws off the established code about infant death and is supposed to serve as reminder for others to acknowledge and celebrate their lost beloved’s memories.

Through Jessica and Bella the film shows the deep connection between two human beings even though Jessica only stayed in this world for a short time. Family bonds, love and family ties – these things will always be stronger than death.

In essence, the story ends up as a proof lost in time of how enduring the soul of a man can be and how the love, in its deepest depth sometimes, is able to overcome despair and sorrow.

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