Thirteen years after setting the bodybuilding record, the once-drowned world’s tallest child appears recognizable.

At 13 their condition has changed so much that only a well-trained eye can still guess his previous weight record. Giulian Stroe, a Romanian, not only earned himself a spot in The Guinness World Records Book but also in the hearts of millions of people across the globe at the tender age of five.

He gained notoriety as the strongest youngster in the world. Credit: @giulianostr0e/Instagram

The boy is seen all grown up in the Facebook photo looking like a teenager and holding his picture from when he was five years old in 2009, being that in 2009 it was the year he broke his first record.

His tiny athlete crushed the preceding record for the fastest marching 30 feet with a weighted ball in the legs.

Giuliano, who was five years old, achieved a world record. Credit: Instagram/@giulianostr0e

The daredevil ordeal was executed live in front of national Italian TV by the undersized body-builder.

However, he equalized this a year later by getting the record for the most 90-degree push-ups.

He and his brother Claudiu were given the task to become sturdy and to execute feats of the dramatic during training session, which their father regulated, since they were toddlers.

With the same precision on which his brother excelled, Claudiu did push-ups on the bar.

In order to make their chest muscles and their biceps much stronger, the two boys simply lifted heavyweights that were 4 kg in weight

Giuliano is currently 17 years old. Credit: Instagram/@giulianostr0e

Weight lifting routines, according to many medical professionals, actually aren’t beneficial for young children until they reach puberty.

Others fear that actual injury might be a possible negative effect, therefore it might as well be something dangerous.

But nevertheless, Ioan Iulian’s father declared that it’s not true that he was threatening eath to the children.

“A man told me once that the boys won’t be well-formed, but there’s no evidence to support this,” was his response to the Daimail.

Where as you bring something in a flower, it still grows. It is an endogenous procedure.

Through the Giuliano and Claudiu boxing skills they could compete in the national European Championship and this is the reason their family is having their own private club identified as a boxing club.

Also, video goes viral on social media giving out the fact that the student is good at this sport.

“Act like a champion to be a champion” P. Giuliano has once said.

In particular, the very same boy known as the “world’s strongest kid” today looks nothing like teenager.

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