The woman who offered the starving 2-year-old bread and water gave him hope and light, motivating the boy’s adoption journey.

Hope is a Nigerian boy who was left by his parents and neighbors on the street, where he was thought to be a witch. He is now healthy and talented in the arts after being adopted by a charity four years ago.

Early in 2016, a picture of a 2-year-old Nigerian boy on social networks made everyone cry. A short and naked baby is being fed and given water in the middle of the street by Anja Ringgren Lovén, a Danish worker and founder of the charity DINNødhjael.

People in the town turned their backs on the boy, Hope, because they thought he was a witch.

“Hope was in bad shape when we found him. He wasn’t getting enough food and was sick with many things. He was in very bad shape for the first two weeks of his hospital stay. We didn’t even get to see him. Anja said, “I don’t know if I can make it.”

After that, Anja took Hope back to her charity to care for hundreds of children who had been left alone over the past eight years. Hope has changed a lot after being grown and cared for for 4 years. Hope is in great health now and loves going to school. He is very smart, and art is his life’s work. Hope is a very good artist, and many of his works are bought. The little Picasso is what we call him, Anja said. Hope hasn’t seen his parents since he went back to DINNÃdhjæl, and the group hasn’t been able to get in touch with any of his family members. Hope is now able to happily look at the picture of where Anja found him, even though things got off to a rough start.

Aja, who is now an ambassador for the Universal Peace Federation International, said, “He would often point to the picture and smile like he was proud.” “I know that’s not pride, though.” Children naturally know how to forgive and don’t hold grudges. We raised Hope to be angry at her parents, who left her and said she did something wrong. They left me to die on the street because I’m a witch. cheating, and lying. People can’t live in peace if they can’t get basic human rights like schooling, health care, and social protection.

People often accuse others of witchcraft when someone in their family dies or gets sick, crops fail, they lose their job, or they can’t have children. People in the town then blamed children, called them witches, and left them alone. She and her team have raised more than 300 kids and now take care of 76 at DINNÃdhjæl, which is the biggest kids’ center in West Africa. Some of them are 9-year-old girls who have been raped, beaten, and even buried alive.

“Education is the best thing you can do for society and the best way to fight ignorance.” To fix a problem, you need to talk to and interact with other people, not judge them. The way we do our work is very well done. Through advocacy groups in rural areas, we need to help people change their minds and learn more, Anja said.

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