The innocent beauty of a newborn baby with a large round face and plump pink lips melts my heart.

A lovely reality, so beautifully expressed by Penelope Leach, is found in the delicate embrace of parenthood: “It’s a circle that keeps on revolving, you’re caught up in the process of a feedback loop,” Lindberg points out.

If you possess something, use it. Get more. And when you get more, you will get more interested to give more. So give more, receive more, and feel the inspiration to receive more when you receive more. These short phrases disclose the very essence of the mutual nourishing relationship between parents, which is based on love, trust, admiration, and continuous improvement.

The absolute core of this endless chain dance is the mighty and unlimited love strength that each and every parent has got. Prior to the moment a child is born right till the end, their basic needs are complied with endless tender loving care and attention from the parents, making the child the sole focus of their parents. There is no greater self-sacrifice than this, parents often realize when they hold their newborn to their chests for the first time and feel the intense emotion of unconditional love.

However, during this act of generosity, something significant occurs: the feed back which is formed. An incalculable gift is given to parents who lavish their love on their child: the sparkle of a new born smile, the uniform of simplicity in the eyes of small finger, and the contagious innocence of soulful baby eye. The parents and their children can identify each other even better by these occasions of closeness, which bring out a lot of love and gratitude for family members in all.

Parent and child’s love becomes stronger with every connection, establishing a strong reciprocity loop. Parents who offer more love also receive more in return, and the more love they receive, the more love they feel obligated to give. It’s a cycle driven by the purest kind of love—a love that transcends all limitations and is unfathomable.

This feedback loop grows stronger and more resilient for both parent and child as it goes on. The relationship between a parent and their child develops with time, becoming more resilient and long-lasting through times of joy and laughter, success with tears.

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