The emotional moment when these beautiful, angelic twins were born, spread love and admiration from everyone around them.

Midway through May 2013, nurses caught the moment when twins born in Spain clasped hands. Social media users shared the heartwarming picture of Daniel and Maria, who had been together since they were young.

The two young girls emerged clasped together!

Soon after their birth in the Brazilian community of Balneario Camboriu, twin sisters Liz and Beatriz embrace.

Following their delivery, these two adorable tiny ones are enjoying a herbal bath with their parents.

Intimate contact with her children! What a stunning mother and what a lovely image captured by First Embrace Photography.

It was the first time dad had performed skin-to-skin procedures with twins in this facility’s operating room.

To comfort the weeping infant, her sister was looking for her. I feel everything when I see this.

Twins’ constant grasping toward one another is something I like. a relationship that begins long before birth.

A twin delivery at home by water! There isn’t nearly enough of this choice!

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