The baby might not be perfect, but the parents will love that kid very much.

Scientists discovered that about 1 to 2 in 2,000 persons are born with such unique genetic disease. The fact that this is done is another confirmation of how complex and intricate the human biology is.

The fact that our friends and loved ones can come to our aid in such circumstances is illustrated once more in this narration. Gavin and Courtney also have a pet dog, whose name is ​​Sheba. They post on social networks their story of having a child with a cleft lip together with their own experience so that other families can get some help to go through the same situation.

Courtney and Gavin Gardner enjoy contentedly that the baby Sutton is with them. She was the one who born with a cleft lip. Firstly, the mother worries about her second child’s health and then prays with a doubt and sleeps after Sutton’s bedtime with a hope that everything will be fine. She has an appointment with the doctor at the 20th week of her pregnancy for which an ultrasound will be done, and he will have something called ‘rabbit lip’ in the scan. Gardner will be devastated when the news comes.

The end was the machine taking her picture. Then the doctor said, “Um! she really has a cleft lip.” The person in charge says, “It’s possible.” One in 1,600 babies born there have cleft lip and palate. That is possible when the baby’s rim or mouth grow improperly during pregnancy. It is possible that either food or drug was consumed by the mother, which can lead to this effect too. Next, it is passed on genetically.

When the Gardners had their first son, they felt bad that they hadn’t done a special picture shoot with him. When Courtney found out she was pregnant again, she knew she wanted to record every moment with her new daughter. The pictures are taken by photographer Shannon Morton, and the parents then post them on social networks. One of them became very famous very quickly and got over 10,000 likes in just a few hours. The number of likes grew over the next few days and now stands at an amazing 750,000.

Courtney says that everyone who has said anything about her daughter has been nice and supportive. Most people have said how beautiful she is. A lot of people shared their stories and pictures after seeing the post. Their goal in making their own Facebook page, My Cleft Cutie, is to help other parents whose child has been diagnosed with a similar condition. “My little princess was born with a cleft in both ears.” Luckily, her mouth was still there. A mother wrote under the Facebook post, “Daddy and I tell her every day that she is the most beautiful girl in the world and that her personality is amazing.”

Parents are worried about their daughter’s health and thankful to the hospital for all the help they’ve given them during this crazy trip. Sutton had a cleft palate, which made it hard to feed her from a bottle. She spent her first 18 days of life in the newborn intensive care unit. The little girl will have the first of several surgeries in the next few days. The next one will happen when she turns one. Experts are sure that a lot of work with a speech therapist is going to be needed.

Courtney says, “Even though things are scary and may seem hopeless at this point for little Sutton, this is a condition that can be treated and managed.” People who know her say she is friendly, active, always smiling, and truly happy, especially when her bigger brother is around. Of course, they hope that this story will be forgotten one day.

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