The Amazing Story of Mia’s Family: How Six Children Were Born Healthy

Mia and her husband Rico will forever recall the trip from being informed on six babies expectancy to being delivered early at a smaller age, 27 weeks. On the 9th of June in 2010, the births of six children, four boys and two girls, caught Americans completely by surprise and, at the same time, made them grossly fascinated.

Americans around the nation were touched by the sight of the good old-fashioned family scene with the six kids peacefully sleeping on their dad’s back. This majestic sight symbolized the McGhees’ long awaited end to their 10 years of sweating and bleeding together as a family and showed how deeply they love and are there for one another.

To be honest, I found it extremely hard to carry all six babies. That is the reason why Elijaj, Isaac, Josiah, Madison, Olivia and Rozonno Jr. came early to the world. Even so, they just stayed on 27 weeks and these babies defied odds and their well-being was good without the wide range of problems.

We thought we failed taking care of six babies by grieving at McGhee’s home. The daily routine of changing diapers, nursing the babies at the right time, flexing her muscles till the baby sleeps and cleaning weighed her down, her precious little angels turning from a joyous care not.

While children began to learn how to stand, speak and to crawl every now and then, some new problems were certainly not left unnoticed. My father was home, and there was a ruckus with individuals animating and playing various games. Every child tried to prove their each and every personality. As a struggle, they and their parents were always stuck between the swings and it was never easy for the latter to forestall or appease similar displeasures among the siblings.

The long-time friends discussed how everything was based on the strict policies, which were all meant to ensure the security. Through the daily routine, each and every detail was adjusted so there was a clear time table, which kept the family emotionally strong and made it possible to deal with the highs and lows of raising “their tiny football team”.

The ‘McGhee baby’ family story is an example of how the unlikely can be turned into a miracle sometimes when an accident seemed to be the only end. Their firm and inspiring love, support and careful planing to have the best time they can as triplets still encourages and support them through their fun and challenges of raising these unique triplets.

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