Tesla door handles become unlikely hero as they stump road rager

When dealing with the unfortunate reality that is a road rage situation, plenty of options are available to keep you safe. Locking your doors or attempting to de-escalate the situation before anything major starts are two logical solutions, but a new one might be to buy a Tesla because of their unique door handles, which recently stumped a road rager from entering a car he conflicted with on the road.

Tesla door handles on the Model 3 and Model Y, while simple and sleek, have stumped many people when they first see them. The key is to push the big part of the handle, which will then bring out the long, skinny portion, which a person would pull to open the door.

Tesla explains how to use the door handles in its Model 3 Owners’ Manual:

“Use your thumb to push the wide part of the door handle. The handle pivots toward you, and you can open the door by pulling the handle or pulling the edge of the door.”

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