Start a memorable journey: Capture precious moments in your child’s journey to adulthood.

A newly formed young couple could not be more eager to wait for the arrival of their firstborn, tucked in the own home that is saturated with their loved and expected things there would be a new beginning. The day of their child labor birth had excited them like no other day before; they got ready for this special day with their mind filled with one thought: “Our life is going to change forever”.

It was the starting of a path with full of love, joy and tremendous experiences and moments the couple was impossible to price from the moment their child was born. They continued to ogle over their child’s amazing growth each passing day as they viewed new milestones and their baby became incredibly curious about the world around him.

This couple used the skill of setting up photos that clearly represented the history of their baby at every point in order to save every second or so that was going by. With camera around their neck and smile on their face, they recorded every significant event in their baby life; from first ever broad smile that made their world a much better place to the first failed steps they ever took.

The pictures illustrate the same story of joy, love, and the powerful implication of a link between a parent and a child. Each picture, whether of happy bath times, slumbering hugs, or excite parks times, were snapshots that preserved those moments that were to be cherished long after the event.

The parents was shocked at how much time went by in just a few months and their baby was quickly developing into a bubbly toddler. While they wished the trip could have lasted forever, they took comfort in the thought that the precious period had been immortalized with a video album, which would keep them entertained for a lifetime.

So, the couple remained determined to document their journey together even as their child grew and developed. Ultimately, these personal moments of love and joy will bear witness to the amazing journey they have taken as parents—a journey filled with boundless joy, endless love, and lasting memories.

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