Shifting Priorities: From Traditional Toys to Digital Devices – Preparing Children for Tomorrow

The couple has become the face of the pronatalist movement in the United States.

Simon and Malcolm Collins, hailed as the leading figures in a movement advocating for larger families, have made headlines for their unconventional parenting approach. Rejecting traditional toys and even eschewing heating during winter, they champion a philosophy known as pronatalism, which emphasizes the importance of having numerous children to counteract declining birth rates and a potential economic downturn.

Residing in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, with their two sons, Octavian George (four) and Torsten Savage (two), as well as their daughter, Titan Invictus (16 months), the Collinses have become emblematic of the pronatalist lifestyle. They actively promote their chosen lifestyle through their charity, The Pragmatist.

The Pennsylvania couple are leading proponents of the theory that large families are necessary for the future of civilization through their charity, The Pragmatist Foundation.

Pronatalism hinges on the idea that a larger number of offspring will ensure the continuation of certain perspectives and values. For the Collinses, their parenting strategy, which they describe as “inherently low-effort,” prioritizes genetics over traditional education. Drawing inspiration from thinkers like Bryan Caplan, Malcolm asserts that genetic inheritance plays a paramount role in a child’s development.

In their household, traditional festivities like Christmas are replaced with Future Day, reflecting the family’s atheistic and scientific worldview. On Future Day, instead of Santa Claus, the “Future Police” arrive to confiscate the children’s toys temporarily. This symbolic act is followed by the children drafting contracts outlining their contributions to improving the world. Once completed, the toys are returned as a reward for their commitment to altruism.

In the photo: the Collins couple picking raspberries in a photograph shared on Instagram

Their parenting philosophy extends to the absence of traditional toys, replaced instead by iPads. While their children do not receive toys as gifts, they retain those sent to them, aligning with their minimalist approach to material possessions.

The Collinses’ unorthodox approach to parenting challenges societal norms, advocating for a future where large families and unconventional methods play a central role in shaping society.

The Pennsylvania couple are leading proponents of the theory that large families are necessary for the future of civilization through their charity, The Pragmatist Foundation.

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