Sending Condolences: Remembering the Brave Girl Born with a Fish Tail, Whose Spirit Moved People Worldwide. Fond Memories May Comfort Her Family.

Portland (AP) – The death of famous Shiloh Pepin has been announced, a celebrity you may be familiar with. Pepin was born with the rare condition called “mermaid syndrome,” which caused her legs to be fused alligator-style.She was 10. The physicians stated that she wouldn’t make it to sixty days, right after her birth. Named by hospital spokesman John Lamb, she died at the Maine Medical Center on Friday afternoon. For most of the week, she had been in the hospital in the critical situation unwilling to acknowledge the fact that her heart was on the verge of collapse.

Born with “tail syndrome” or to be familiar “sirenomelia,” was the diagnosis of the mermaid girl from Kennebunkport who had one partially working kidney, no lower colon or genital organs and legs fused from the waist down. Shiloh was born without legs but she had been surgically separated legs on some children surviving from sirenomelia but she didn’t do it because the blood vessels crossed are from side in her circulatory system would have been cut in separation. In 2007, the lady got the third kidney (she had received two transplants earlier).

She was on the Oprah Winfrey Show a few weeks ago and talked about her issues on a variety of national television programs. At the beginging of this mhanth, her mother, Leslie Pepin, stated that the girl caught a cold that turned to pneumonia in a short time. On early Oct. 10th, Shiloh’s moms rushed her to the Maine Medical Center; she was given intravenous antibiotics and a ventilator.

Shiloh was a fifth-grader at Kennebunkport Consolidated School. “She was such a shining personality in that building,” said Maureen King, chairwoman of the board of the regional school district. Counselors will be available next week to talk to students. Through the television shows, news articles, Facebook and other websites, Shiloh inspired many. “I live in Iowa. I have cerebral palsy. I love your video,” 12-year-old Lydia Dawley wrote to Shiloh on Facebook. “You have a great personality. I wish you lived close so we could be friends and hang out. You opened my eyes because you are so brave.”

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