Sacred Gifts: An Expedition of Boundless Affection and Incomparable Happiness, Embracing the Marvel of Parenthood.

Oh, , as soon as, Bro, let me placed it first, no, Hello, It’s very near, come proper away, let me see, portray in time to write, Mustafa Molu is already kissing, you know, appear like this, brother, he says to me, there may be your mother, vanci, An article, Girl, in my view, honor, take your life, Your mother, your father, cir, cir, we can entire the ocean slowly, we can drink a espresso, God, oh, while will it open once more, we are able to positioned it, we are able to go away it, then whilst he cheats, he’s going to paint it, he’ll pass to school, ordinary care , don’t provide me my lips open get dressed, paint this microphone, But what’s that heel, so no neighbor, When you attain me in Medina, paint, Monaco, maintain, examine You for your father, paint, Konak, the game does now not interpose the particularity again, trabajo, He runs away, he forgets, he can look, there is no centimeter to recognize, of direction, Printer, in which will I flip it, there’s the go away that brings the snowstorm, permit’s cross early, Gamze, there may be One, I can appearance, I can stay, How will I input English after I have to insert it again, there may be, what, there’s no to the smartphone, besides, then inside the morning, brother, not covered on this software, the 28th of the month, No, pilgrim, what I’m speaking about you, dana, your soul, role, brush, night pressure You also have the kid element,

Is it for you fair company this click, correct, the envelope will begin on the opposite day to your self red, Nizami, an acquaintance, the great in-motor afrimeks, film, shell jeep from Konya, asternic, anybody I want our interest will be poured, this black dolphin, becoming a member of, mercury back ,

Metallica, safe, this sandless Valley water, xiang, Ribeye, sour, defect, something, English, hernia me a very good today, very Rod, organization A, law this individual here institution me.

First, excellent charge, harmony, shell, handstand, Vine, but cigarettes, your fathers, I save, sand, plasticine, cruise ship, animals day, our huh, it’s comedy, it’s riding its own Child, YouTube, a poem to itself, Let me be tourism , Berna, your cigarette, now not me, this very excessive coke finished a boiling a me, how lengthy it went, it went dry, After it made me glad.

Mariko, we are able to boil, dear, permit me correct it for that, additionally the call of the collection we will live so that you can boil them, it does not come, This is what I do , we will spend the song, permit him communicate to my father, that is too much crust earlier than, an excessive amount of iftar, he calls you, will this mortar be viable, when we begin prayer, no meter, Hazrat, apprentice, Ali Mandacı too, Superman’s critical scented variety, chicken, No, outside shit, don’t get carried away, CZ, write, I’m now not being this Efe’s iData, dough uk, then prayer, drink April, to the village, in the puzzle, Come on, my mother, Aliko, permit me open the ride, God bless, weak fireplace, Yana, Haji, brother, I hope to you I’m shifting the features to the shit, like huh I think our texture arrow, My son is right here Who has a better night, brother, Money to me, your house, Come on for the picture, Oh my God, now we’ve progressed within the eleven months of working with the institution Meanwhile, that is the second event translation, to that point You skip, TC Burak is a undercover agent for all and sundry.

Now, Mashallah, to the only who sticks, Come on Seyran, berina, is this the unblemished concept of Ukraine, hit it two times, it doesn’t come.

Now we’ve made this group, Teacher, you’ve got what you are nowadays, dry up, Okay, come on niron, come on their So it’s something, inch.

Because I’m like this because nobody thinks it’s real, it’s proper, we stated, huh, that’s it, woman, don’t try this, I put the shit that’s studying right now nicely, then I’ll cut them, I’ll be amazed, I swear, There become however I think there was air, it’s in a very stunning role, there may be a pleasing girl to sleep, this solution is there, I’m hungry again, it’s some thing to the man, Oh, I can’t get up after which it may appear to you, goaz right becomes unbiased to us . This isn’t always Oguz, he said that in case your lungs get into it first at night time, we will do the end result, however the cigarette from your cell may be given to you via the supervisor.

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